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At My Table – Janni Kyritsis


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At My Table


    Description: The first absolutely accessible yet entirely sophisticated recipe book for people with diabetes, their families and friends. Every cook will discover favourite recipes in this collection – from Maggie Beer’s Haloumi and Citrus Lentils and Adam Liaw’s Scallops with Green Olive Tapenade and Preserved Lemon Powder to Luke Mangan’s Warm Oriental Duck and Mango Salad and Janni Kyritsis’s Pink Gin Granita. Amanda Bilson, the wife of renowned chef Tony Bilson, who has had Type 1 diabetes for 45 years, and Janni Kyritsis, an acclaimed chef himself who has Type 2 diabetes, have invited the best chefs in Australia to contribute wonderful recipes – some for everyday eating, some for special occasions. While this is not a traditional cookbook for people with diabetes, each recipe has been reviewed by the Senior Clinical Dietician from The Diabetes Centre at St Vincent’s Hospital. Nutritional information and tips from the dietician have been included not only for people with diabetes but also for anyone watching their weight, blood glucose levels or cholesterol. Beautifully illustrated with more than 50 stunning photos, and with recipes from some of the finest chefs in the southern hemisphere, At My Table is a cookbook for anyone interested in cooking and eating gorgeous food. Each purchase of this cookbook will help raise funds for the patients and their families and carers at The Diabetes Centre, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.


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