Fire & Smoke


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Fire & Smoke

  • Fire & Smoke shows how to barbecue mouthwatering recipes with smoky and succulent flavours that will see you through the summer and beyond in style. Organised into chapters on: * From the Sea – delicious fish and seafood dishes * Crowd-pleasers – food to impress friends, such as Beef Short Ribs and Sticky Pork Belly & Rice Noodle Salad * Hand-held – get messy with Chilli Dogs, Smoked Chicken Wings and Lamb Shish Kebabs * Smoking – featuring hot-smoked classics like Pulled Pork and Prawns with Dirty Romesco Sauce to Cold smoked Salmon * Veggies, Sides & Breads – barbecues aren’t just about meat so indulge in Char-grilled Leaves with Burnt Lemon Dressing, Cauliflower Steaks and Chipotle Slaw…

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