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Sharing Plates


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Sharing Plates – By Luke Mangan

  • Soft Cover, 239 Pages

  • Over 100 recipes sharing plate recipes, taking inspiration from around the world – a little taste of everything, for whenever you meet to eat.

    While traditional dining will always have its place, the shared plate is casual and intimate, friendly and laid-back, encouraging conversation and interaction around the table – and a more relaxed cook! Whether it’s a lazy weekend brunch, casual supper for friends at the kitchen table, special-occasion lunch, or drinks with nibbles, Luke Mangan has all your options covered for the most delicious sharing plates.

    Over 100 recipes take inspiration from around the world – Spain and Italy, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia – with a chapter of Luke’s famously divine desserts to complete the feast.

    A little taste of everything, for just about everyone, for just about any occasion.

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