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Chocolate Cookie Box


Chocolate Cookie Box

Calling all chocolate lovers, our Chocolate Cookie Box is the one for you! With a diverse range of sweet treats from chocolate truffles to melting moments, this is a perfect gift idea for someone special!

  • Charlie’s Hand Dropped Choc Chip Bites 125g
  • Charlies Mini Melting Moments 50g
  • Lindt Chocolate Truffles 75g
  • Tucker’s Gourmet Dessert Biscuits 100g
  • Charlotte Piper Freckles 120g
  • Deli Chocolate Truffles 50g
  • Whistler’s Chocolate Pretzels 200g
  • Whistler’s Rocky Road 100g
  • Nestar Cocoa Luxe Chocolate Nuts 90g
  • 2 x Patons Macadamia Chocolate Royals 11g
  • Simon Coll Chocolate Santa Bar
  • Gift boxed with ribbon & gift card

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