Santa’s Offerings


Santa’s Offerings

  • Ogilvie & Co. Butter Shortbread Biscuits 75g
  • 180 Degrees Walnut Oat Crackers 150g
  • Yarra Valley Mint Jelly 130ml
  • Yarra Valley Mallee Honey Mustard 100g
  • Yarra Valley Spiced Cranberry & Port Jelly 120g
  • Fini Olive Oil 250ml
  • Connoisseur Rock 110g
  • Nestar Chocolate Cranberry Deer Box 130g
  • Cape Farm Prune In Vincotto 230g
  • Grindon Dukkha 30g
  • Island Berries Tasmania Quince Paste 60g
  • Puddings on the Ritz Speculaas Cookies 120g
  • Wafer Crispbread 100g
  • Limar Nougat 150g
  • 6 X Pink Lady Christmas Baubles
  • 2 x Chocolate Truffles
  • Gift boxed, ribboned, with a gift card

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