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Groovy Greens


Groovy Greens

  • Urban Greens Groovy Greens Grow Kit
  • Crunch Preserves Piccalilli 200g
  • Kinky Kondiments Kiwi fruit & Coconut Jam 188g
  • Mrs Darlington’s Farmers Pickle 300g
  • Maggie Beer’s Fruit Paste 100g
  • Crave Food Black Olive and Caper Pesto Sauce 120g
  • 180 Degrees Natural Oat Crackers 150g
  • The Spice Trading Co. Dip 25g
  • Fremantle Chocolate Bar 45g
  • 2 x Whittaker’s Bars 50g
  • Presented in a white box, ribboned, with a gift card.

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