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Pantry Supplies

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Pantry Supplies

  • The Aromatherapy Co. Pear & Ginger Candle
  • Chef’s Choice Forrest Mushroom Risotto Kit 200g
  • Chef’s Choice Himalayan Pink Rock Salt with Chilli Grinder 160g
  • Chef’s Choice Coconut Dahl Kit 170g
  • Olsson’s Fine Macrobiotic Salt 250g
  • Puddings on the Ritz Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix 560g
  • Puddings on the Ritz Chocolate Salted Caramel Rice Pudding Kit 250g
  • Supergrain Mexican Rice 250g
  • Remedy Kombucha 330ml
  • Presented in a black dipped basket, wrapped in cello, ribboned with a gift card

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